Why Trade-in your vehicle with Ultra Auto?

Make a Trade and Upgrade Today!

Get A Free No Obligation Appraisal To Help You Get The Best Trade-In Value! Our group has one of the largest pre-owened inventory’s in western Canada and Accept:

  • All makes
  • All models
  • All years
  • All conditions
  • Commercial and Specialty Vehicles

Benefits Of Trading-In with UltraAuto


We take care of everything for you when you trade in your vehicle. We will get your lien payout, pay off any liens, help move all your belongings to your new vehicle best of all we take care of all the reconditioning required before we list your trade in for sale!

Stress Free and Quick

Our team will offer full disclosure on all information used to determine the best trade value possible. Lots of dealer will just throw out low number and argue with you till you give up. At Ultra we will break everything down very simply and in a way you can understand.

Tax savings!

When trading in a vehicle on a new one you only pay the tax on the difference between the new one and the trade in. These savings can be upwards of $5,000 in Alberta and $10,000 in every other province! A quick example is a purchase of a new Ram truck for $60,000 with a trade in valued at $40,000. You will only pay tax on the $20,000 difference saving you $2,000 in GST expenses!

How Is Your Trade-In Value determined?

With UltraAuto specializing in premium pre-owned vehicles of all types our team has the experience to get you to most for your trade with a stress free, no obligation on the spot value!

Heres how quick our process is

  • We do a quick walk around to asses the condition of the body for anything that will effect the resale of the vehicle including dents, scratches and tires wear
  • We take your trade-in for a quick 2 minute drive to asses the mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • We load up your trade-ins information in our software for a market comparison to get you to most for your trade!

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